Carlton Lambert
Steel drum music for Palm Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach and the rest Forida  
     S tick 2 Pan     Steel Drum Music For All Occasions

Carlton Lambert specializes in the performance, arrangement and education of steel drum music.  For over twenty five years he has produced, performed and created remarkable award-winning tunes that finely hone the percussion instrument’s robust, complex, sophisticated and titillating range.
When he was only eleven (11) years old, Carlton begun to play the steel drums (pans) in his native island - St. Lucia.  Once he took hold of his mallets (pan sticks) and struck his first note on the instrument, that was it! There was no going back.  The boy and his pan became like Bonnie and Clyde - they meshed; they moved together; they worked with each other; they created melodies; they were in harmony.  As a teenager his passion for the instrument became evident when he remained after practice, all alone in the pan house, teaching himself each instrument in the steel drum orchestra. On the road with his band, his extra ordinary talent became visible when he stepped up to a bass or guitar or double second pan, to fit in for a major player who was missing at a performance.  This knowledge not only made him a major asset in his original orchestra, but led him to form his first band - All Stars - at 18 years. 
The then prodigy has emerged as a powerful champion of Caribbean music.  Though a current resident of Palm Beach, FL, he remains a highly sought after performer throughout the United States, with particular strong demand from the high-end tourist haunts of New York and Florida.  About three years ago, in the summer of 2008, he was introduced to a few young men from Ockeechobee, between the ages of 10 and 14, as their steel drum intstructor.  At this initial meeting, no one knew how the scrolls would unfold.  The boys, who all dreamt of one day becoming football stars, knew nothing about the steel drums. Three and a half years later, through the combined work and dedication of Mr. Lambert and his students, these talented adolecents, known as the Chobee Steelers, have become not only stars, but role models in their communties, performing at various events throughout South Florida and even claiming the top prize in a statewide music competition held in Florida in 2010. 
In addition to working with these teenagers, Carlton continues to produce, perform, arrange and compose tasteful music on his steel drums.  He plays solo or joins with other musicians to deliver high quality and entertaining pieces. Carlton Lambert is well respected by his colleagues as a seasoned and professional musician; by his students as a driven, passionate and thorough instructor and by his audiences as one with an extra-ordinary gift, whose music seem to spring effortlessly from the core of an individual whose DNA is a blend of notes and chords, melodies and harmonies - a master musician. 



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